Crochet pattern for a mini Christmas stocking decoration

I'm home after my visit back to England.  I had an amazing time and loved every minute of it.  I saw most of my friends and caught up with my Dad and did lots of shopping and day tripping.  It was a manic 2 weeks but it was fabulous.

I've been getting back into day to day life and once I got over a grotty cold I caught off the plane home I got back into crafting, doing a little bit of Christmas making in preparation for a market I'm doing next month.

I've been making these...

I've got a knitted version of one of these (an op shop purchase)but as I'm a hopeless knitter I made the pattern up for a crocheted version.  I thought I'd share it here for anyone who would like to make some. 

Each one measures just under 7cm high
 Here's how to do it.....

dc = insert hook into st, yarn over, pull through (2 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops.

decrease = insert hook into st, yarn over & pull through (2 loops on hook), insert hook into next st, yarn over and pull through(3 hooks on loop), yarn over and pull through 3 loops
  • Chain 21, turn
  • Row 1. dc into second chain from hook, dc into next 8 st, dc twice into the next 3 st, dc into remaining 9 st, turn 
  • Row 2. ch 1(counts as 1 st), dc to the end 
  • Row 3. ch 1, dc into next 10 st, dc twice into next st, dc in next 11 st
  • Row 4. ch 1, dc in next 8 st, decrease 3 times (make 6 st into 3), dc into remaining 9 st
  • Row 5. ch 1, dc in next 7 st, decrease 3 times (over the next 6 stitches), dc into remaining 7 st
  • Row 6. ch 1, dc in next 6 st, decrease twice (over next 4 st), dc in remaining 7 st
  • Row 7. ch 1, dc in next 6 st, decrease once (over next 2 st), dc into remaining 7 st
  • Row 8. ch 1, dc into next 14 st.
  • Row 9 - 13. Repeat row 8, fasten off at the end of row 13 (should be on wrong side of your work)
  • Row 14. Change to white yarn and dc into each st to the end
  • Row 15. dc to the end, at the end of the row chain 18 st and then fasten off
To make up your boot, turn wrong sides facing and slip stitch together, leaving the top of the boot open and ensuring that the tail of chain stitches are in a loop for hanging.
I hope the pattern makes sense, I can elaborate on anything if needed.
Is anyone else getting their Christmas groove on or am I sickeningly early?
Jo :)


Rustic Vintage Country said...

They are so sweet, I must have a go at doing some. Thanks for the instructions. x

Jo said...

Yeah have a go, they're a really easy make x

My Lonely Heart said...

You don't have a needle size on here. What size did you use?

Jo said...

Hi, I used a size 3 hook with 8ply wool.

Denyse said...

Thank you. So in U.S. that is a 6.5 mm or K, right? Thanks.

Jo said...

Hi Denyse, I had to check the size - it was a freebie hook with a magazine and doesn't have a size written on it. I have checked via the magazine and it is a 3mm hook; between and C and a D. It's pretty skinny and it makes a tight stitch. Hope this helps. Enjoy having a go
Jo :)

Carrie said...

Hi there...just made one of these in about 20 minutes.

Came out AWESOME.
Had been looking for an easy pattern and this is it!So easy to follow and turned out exactly like the pics.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Kay said...

They are great. . Thank you

Jennifer Pratt said...

I love this pattern! I am making one for every member of my house to hang on our tree this year. I am using a Google hook because my stitches are really tight all the time, I haven't quite figured out tension very well. But thank you so much for the pattern.

Kim Tanner said...

Thank you for the pattern. I will use it for our veterans at a local nursing home. I'm also going to make some for our bingo workers and players for Christmas at our fire department.

Sylvia said...

I am little lost as to when do u change color. Do u start with white and end with ted or viserversa. Thanks i am still a learner.

Jo said...

Hi Sylvia, sorry for not replying before Christmas, I very rarely come onto my blog any more so I had trouble accessing it in order to reply to your message. I hope you managed to figure it out, I didn't make it clear that you start with the green / red, sorry about that! x

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